save battery on android

Top 10 Best Way To Save Your Android Battery

Best Way To Save Battery on Android save battery on android: It is a well-known fact that Smartphones have a huge disadvantage concerning their battery life. A portion of the smartphones must be utilized for a to a great degree brief time precisely of their batteries. The fundamental driver of this detriment are AMOLED and LCD…

who watchng your whatsapp dp

who viewed your DP on WhatsApp?

how to check who viewed your DP on WhatsApp? Many people are interested in knowing who is checking their Whatsapp profile. But there is a feature missing in WhatsApp that can give this information. However, there are certain apps that can tell you who is visiting your profile. We are talking about one such app here….

5 google tricks

Top 5 Google Tricks

Google Tricks As you know that Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet. In today’s time, Google has become a special part of our life. If we have to search anything then we ask directly to Google. Google gives us solutions to almost every problem. With its help, you can get information related to every subject. However,…