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How To Create Virus In One Minute To Destroy Someone Internet Connection

virus with ntepad

Most users working on computers and laptops will be aware of the virus. Viruses are a kind of malicious program that can affect your data and operating system by entering your computer without permission.By the way, there are many types of viruses, including trojan and many others. Have you ever wondered how these viruses are made? Or have you ever thought of creating a virus so in this article we talk about a virus and how to create virus?

Any computer can be harmed by the virus, but today we are telling you about a virus that does not harm anyone’s computer but the internet stops at all. You can make this virus yourself in 60 seconds. Let’s know how.

Let’s Begin.


  • PC/ Laptop
  • You must have notepad on your PC/Laptop
  • Victim Pc/Laptop
  • Boom.

Use To Destroy Someone Internet Connection.

create virus

It is a virus that does not harm any computer. This virus will stop running the Internet in the computer only for you or anyone (whatever computer will contain viruses).

You can also use this trick to prank your friends. It does not make any difference to the computer’s data or operating system.

How TO Create VIRUS.

create virus with notepad

To make this virus you should only 60 seconds. First, open Notepad in your computer. Now type the text below in Notepad.

@Echo off Ipconfig /release

Save this file in the .bat format, such as internet.bat or virus.bat and send it to your friends. This will leave the IP address and they will not be able to use the internet.

Another Way To Create Virus

It can also fix this simple procedure. For this, You can type IPconfig / renew in it.

Final Words.

There are more tricks you can do with you notepad like how to create your text to speech software etc. Thanks for reading my article if u find my article is informative for you to please share with your friends and for any question comment down below. Till then bye bye and keep smiling.


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  1. thnx bro….it’s worked for me.

    1. stay tuned for more articles.

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