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Most Dangerous Android Apps. Uninstall Immediately

Most Dangerous Android Apps. Uninstall Immediately

Most Dangerous Android Apps. Uninstall Immediately 1

Here are 8 most dangerous android apps

1. QuickPick Gallery –

You must have heard his name !!! QuickPick is an alternative option to the gallery, you can see the gallery included in the best animation, look in your pictures, hide images besides this, but there is a problem, last year Chita Mobile had bought, And Cheetah Mobile uploaded QuickPic Gallery immediately after purchase, that is, the apps that Cheetah Mobile had purchased to upload the user’s data to their server. It was started. A user from Google+ has also given evidence, so if your phone is installed and installed in this app then you can uninstall it immediately, QQ is going to know your data server.

2. ES File Explorer File Manager –

Friends, this was a great app 5 years ago, but this is the free version of Kim, too many blog ads have to send a lot of notification that we can not disable Disabled, because the battery is draining, and the display of the phone is also slow. Used to be.

3. Cleanliness –

Friends can clean it with their phone, it promotes that clean the cache and ram, boost the speed of your phone, but the first thing is to get the option of cleaning the cache and RAM you and the phone is available. Why are you raising an app’s burden on your phone? Sending a notification is working to slow down your phone. This app is not working yet.

4. Dolphin- Best Web Browser –

Friends, this is tracking your data, in addition to the secret tab it seems that our history, do not save the bookmark, it is also saving in your file manager, do not believe Google.

5. Call Voice Converter. – IntCall –

In this you change voice, call is given, first thing comes 30 seconds in it, and others earn talk time, now earn and do not earn enough to install very few apps. Also tried to install with malware.

6. DU Battery Saver – Power Saver –

This app promises to save your phone’s battery, and vice versa directly sends notifications; Attractive animation attachments on your lock screen and says “Yes brother I am saving your battery” is the hour
Slow down the phone

7. Clean Master –

It promises that your phone is clear, nonsense is false, these are false. This cheetah has created mobile, remember it was over now.

8. UC Browser –

Assume that this is the fastest, the most popular app, but it is sending users ‘search information without sending the encryption to Yahoo and Google, along with sending the users’ Alibaba analytical tool for encryption without the IMI, IMSI, and MAC address. And the geolocation of users has been sent to the Alibaba mapping tool. If you are looking forward then check it on Google. So these were 8 dangerous apps! Do not install the items you ever install on your phone.

Final Words

So these apps are most dangerous android apps in google play store and these apps can harm your device in many ways. I hope this article is informative for you. If you know any other dangerous android apps in google play store then, please comment down in the comment section. till then bye bye and keep smiling 🙂

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