How To Use Whatsapp Without Number In Android Device


How To Use Whatsapp Without Number In Android Device.

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Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to In my previous article which I tell you how you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts in one android. So In this article, you will learn How To Use Whatsapp Without Number.I am going to mention some best apps with help of these apps you can use WhatsApp account without number in android.

How To Use Whatsapp Without Number.


As we all know WhatsApp is most popular messenger around the world and have billions of users, WhatsApp is used by billions of people to using chat. So in this article, you learn about how to use WhatsApp without number.


  •  With this method, You can create WhatsApp account with U.S Number.
  •  Hide your identity
  • You can Use Whatsapp Without Any phone number
  • You access all feature of WhatsApp


  • You must Have Android device
  • Download Text Now App
  • Download Whatsapp From Playstore
  • If u already Downloaded WhatsApp then Uninstall and download again Or you can also clear your WhatsApp Data

Creating Whatsapp Account Without Using Your Mobile Number:

Method 1




Text Now App You can Use this android app to Verify your Whatsapp account with U.S Number without using your phone number. With Below Steps.

  1. First of all, you must download and install the app WhatsApp in Your Mobile.
  2. k.
  3. The next step is to enter your name and your phone number verification. But this time you do not need to enter your phone number.
  4. TextNow app will give you a unique number that you can enter to WhatsApp to verify the phone number.
  5. Then open and run the application, and complete the process of setting up his. After process of setup complete then you will get a special id number of TextNow and copy this number.
  6. Then open the app WhatsApp and paste the last TextNow id number to verify your phone number.
  7. Then click the ‘Continue’ and now you will receive a verification code in the app TextNow.
  8. Use this code and verify the phone number in WhatsApp. Whatsapp Now you can use without having to use your personal phone number
  9. Done.

Method 2

There are more apps like this. With the help of those apps, You can also create WhatsApp account number without apps. You have to follow the same Steps in Method 1.

1.Text Me


text me is another app like text now with the help of this app you can also call and send text messages in the worldwide. But you have to pay something to do. This app provides you different countries number.

2 Virtual SIMvirtual sim-


As soon as you download this app give you a TRIAL USA NUMBER for one day, that CAN BE REGISTERED TO WHATSAPP. Virtual SIM app provides numbers are rented on a monthly basis (you need to subscribe to the number every month!) and you have a choice of numbers from 38 countries. Virtual SIM offers you to getting different countries number.


primo app -

Primo is another app to provide the same service the text now app provides.

Final Words.

This article is only for educational purpose.I hope you like this article if u want more article there are more article. go and checkout other articles.If u want more article like this so stay tuned for more article. Till then bye bye and always smile.


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