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How To Win Chicken Dinner In SOLO : PUBG

How To Win Chicken Dinner In Solo: PUBG


How To Win Chicken Dinner In Solo: Hello Freinds, welcome to another article of Bcetchy. In this article, we will be discussing how to win chicken dinner in solo. our pubg method contains a number of the best ways to get defeated, survive and increase your odds of winning a solo match. Heading to a match of PUBG on one’s own is a daunting business like you will be going up against 99 other players in a struggle to the death. You’ll want to navigate a vast map, look for strong gear and wipe out people who cross your path from the early, mid and late game – it is far from easy.

How To Win Chicken Dinner In SOLO : PUBG 1

Not only is there a lot to think about, but increasing your likelihood of survival in PUBG is down to holding your guts. Contrary to duets and teams, you will not have anyone else to back you up or help you make decisions. It is only you calling the shots and it is being confident enough to do so. To assist you to navigate the seriousness of a solo match and equip you with the tools to the internet some Chicken Dinners, we have put together a number of ideas and secrets that’ll help you become better in every facet of the game.

We would love to hear a few of the strategies you have come up with, so let’s know in the comment section below and we may feature them in the article! When you are done here, our huge PUBG guide contains all you might eventually need to know about the game! PUBG advice.

Here are some tips to achieve How To Win Chicken Dinner In Solo


Keep in mind that buildings can be deathtrap and it is really easy for an enemy to camp you at a construction – particularly if there is no way out other than stairs. What is more, enemies might be waiting outside for you to waltz with your precious loot that is new. We would not recommend hiding out in a small shaky hut as they are susceptible to grenades and do not really offer you some distinct advantages. As an example, you will be forced to open the door if you spot someone and it will increase the probability of someone else disturbs you out in the open with nowhere secure to escape.

Assessing the border of the ring has its disadvantages and advantages. It’s very effective to take off enemies who’re desperately running into the ring and you may often grab those in the center off guard with a move. On the other hand, the main disadvantage is that you could increase your travel distance if the following circle is not kind. This’ll increase your odds of running through a contested zone and dying. Always be proactive with regards into the circle, plan your movements so you have always got plenty of time to reposition. Look for spots that’ll give you the high ground advantage or locate an area which gives you an opportunity to start flanking enemies. It’s imperative that you are never in one spot for far too long and constantly aiming to one-up your opponents. Utilize sound cues to your advantage.

best sniper

Hear frequent gunshots? Utilize them to close in and get the fall on an enemy. Be skeptical of landing at the center of populated areas if you are gunning for the win. You will face a great deal of stiff opposition and there is no guarantee you will stumble into good loot. Occasionally it is best to head to a more quiet area and work your way in a match, as opposed to start things off all guns blazing and possibly accelerate your passing.


Always ask yourself: Will this fight put me in a better position to win the game? It is vital that you are not picking on conflicts for the sake of it, but making aggressive movements for a purpose. If you are able to reach the final 3, you should try and prevent conflict unless it is an absolute must. This period of the match is about gathering as much info as possible. Knowing where the enemies are is the key to bagging this chicken Dinner! Once you have been engaged in a firefight, ensure you reposition as players will know about your location.

When you’re coming to the final few circles, it is a fantastic idea to pop a booster things as it will replenish your health if you are stuck in a pinch and do not have time to whip out Bandages and Med Kits. Beelining towards Supply Crates is a risk. While catching a super strong weapon has its own payoffs, you are also at a huge risk of being seen and being shot down – to be careful! Weaponry. Assault rifles, SMG and sniper rifles are easily the best weapons to get your hands on as they are effective at any range.

Do not underestimate the efficacy of Pistols over Shotguns from the early game. A completely kitted out Assault Rifle may carry you all the way to victory, but for the better chance of success, it is good to have a sniper rifle like your secondary. This’ll fortify your strength considerably with regards to long range fights. Needless to say that you need to keep kit your guns out with a variety of attachments.

Final Words:

I hope this article is informative for you and help to achieve chicken dinner. Don’t forget to share with your friends. If you have any other strategies related to How To Win Chicken Dinner In Solo then don’t forget to comment below with your strategies.

Till then bye bye and keep smiling  🙂



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