Things you must know before buying old phones


Things you must know before buying old phones:

must know before buying old phones

must know before buying old phones: While purchasing an old phone, most of the people in the minds of the dilemma that there are no problems in the phone or the hardware they are buying. through certain applications, it can be traced to the imperfections of old phones and its performance.So Here are some important things you must know before buying any old phones

Test your android

If you are thinking of buying a phone from someone, then install ‘test your android’ application in it. This app has many options that help in checking the phone. For example, if you want to test the phone’s battery, open the app then click on the battery option. After waiting for some time all the information related to the battery will be on the phone screen. Even if the phone’s battery is in good condition then its status will get ‘good’ written. This app also lets you check light sensor and microphone. Be sure to check the flashlight of the user phone of the selfie and photographer. It is important to find out the status of both the camera by clicking on the option of ‘Camera’ given in the user ‘Test your Android’ app. If the flashlight is found correct, then the support written will appear. This app is available from the Test Your Android on the Google Play Store and it has been downloaded more than five lakh times so far.

Phone doctor plus

Sensors present in the phone are also quite useful. There can be a big problem if they fail. For example, if you are calling a smartphone, and as soon as you bring it to the ear, its screen itself is automatically shut down. This happens because of the sensor. If the sensor given in front of the screen gets spoiled, then there may be a problem in calling. ‘Doctor Plus App’ can test up to 30 hardware items and many sensors. It has the facility to check for earphones and microphones. Even in this application, the option of checking the phone button is given. This 4.6 rating app is available on Google PlayStore, called Phone Doctor Plus. This Google Play Store has been downloaded more than five million times so far.

Bill & Box

This one is very important part of must know before buying old phones article. The real bill of the phone and the box can detect that the phone is not theft. Apart from this, it is also known as the exact date of purchase of the phone, that is how old the phone is. Before buying a phone, check that the IMEI number given on the box is the same phone. For this, dial * # 06 # from the phone you are purchasing or see the IMEI number is given on the back of the battery cover and the number written on the box. If both are different then the battery of the phone may have been changed. After that, check the details of the IMEI number on the internet. It may be that the old smartphone you want to buy has been stolen from someone or it has been reported to be lost. Also, see that the camera is capturing photos and videos correctly. There are many phones on which the visuals look perfect on the screen, but the photo shows very blurrily. It is a hardware problem. Also, check out the color of the photo.

Check Buttons and Wi-Fi connectivity

By opening Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the phone, check whether it is detecting nearby Bluetooth and WiFi networks. If possible, transfer the file and see it. Usually, people do not pay attention to this direction. Many shopkeepers repair old phones and sell them like this. Apart from this, you should see the phone, volume, camera, power button on the phone. These buttons stop working often by using a few days of phone. The power button will not be able to use the phone if it is bad.

Final Words:

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