Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications

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Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Apps

most downloaded apps

According to the recent report of Wikipedia, people aged 18 to 34 spend about 20 hours using their smartphone’s app. It was reported in the report that people used their smartphones to spend more time using applications than calling and other work. The smartphone without apps is no more than a box that can be used only for calling and sending SMS. These are the apps that help us complete our small tasks easily in a tap by sitting at home. With this, these apps are also a great tool for our entertainment. So let’s find out which of the top 10 apps, which users liked and used the most.


1.Google Play Services:


This is the most downloaded app from play store. I think lot’s of people don’t know about this app because you can not see this app on your home screen or on the menu but this app helps you to run all android apps. So this is the reason why google play services is no 1 in  most downloaded apps


Everyone uses e-mails. And most users register at ID @ Let us know that people living in Germany and Poland use Google email service in the name of @ percent of users use it. Gmail is a mail service. It is used by a large number of users. Why people use Gmail because without Gmail you can’t access the google service like google play store, google play games, google play music, google play books etc.

3.Google Maps:

google maps -

This app can be quite useful for users. If you are going somewhere then you can trace the route with Google Maps. This allows easy access to any location. 67 percent people use this app. Earlier Google Maps was not such a popular app because it was not considered as accurate according to India’s map. But this app is improving over time. In today’s time, Google Maps has become very useful and important for the people. See traffic conditions or short routes. These apps work great. In short OLA driver or Uber driver and other drivers also use google maps to reach his specific location.


The app uses 71 percent of the users. You can enjoy your favorite videos and music on YouTube. YouTube is also becoming a tool for earning over time. Many people earn millions through the YouTube channel. Through this, users can watch videos of all kinds. If you talk about the most views, so far the most viewed music videos have been found in Gangnam Style. It has seen 2.7 billion people so far. after JIO youtube is trending now.


This is the most commonly used social networking site. It was started by Mark Zuckerberg. They have a color theme blue. 81 percent of users use Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site that everyone will know. However, it started as a networking site, but now it has added many new features. With this user’s experience of this app is getting better.

6.Google Search:

google search

71 percent of users use this app. It would not be wrong to call Google the most powerful browser at this time. If users want information on any topic, then they first come to search on Google. Google has created its powerful user base. Most of the users use Google to search.


whatasapp offical

It was started in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jain Kume. However, it has now been purchased by Facebook. This is the most widely used instant messaging app in today’s time.

8.Facebook Messenger:

facebook mesenger

This is a way to keep users connected to each other on messages.

9.Google Chrome:


Google Chrome for Android is an edition chrome released for the android system. On February 7, 2012, Google launched Google Chrome Beta for android 4.o versions devices, for selected countries. The first stable version of the browser was released on June 27, 2012. Chrome 18.0.1026.311, released on September 26, 2012, was the first version of Chrome for Android.



This is also the only app of social media. Users can upload stories in this. Also, post photos and videos. 50 percent of users use this app. Facebook is an official Instagram photo sharing application. Users can also upload their photos and videos too. In addition to this, the Live Status feature has also been added like Snapchat. Gradually, its craze is increasing in people with new features.


Final Words.

Thanks guys for reading my article. I hope my article is very informative for you. if have any app in your mind who also most downloaded app then tell me in the comment section and there is the more amazing article on this website must check out all articles. Till then bye bye and keep smiling.

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