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Top 5 Best Website To Download Free Ebooks.

Hey, Welcome back to This article is only for who want to study or who love to study who always talking about books and who always curious to find something new. In today’s times, everything is changing according to yourself. Some people love to read books and novels but they don’t want to carry a heavy book every time.But now you can read any book or novel on your smart phone. I think all people are aware from PDF or e-books. you can read any kind of books, novels, comics, on your smartphone, Kindle-book. But now the question arises where we can find the e-books or PDF. You can buy or download e-books. You can buy ebooks from google play store or Amazon.5 websites to download pdf books -bctechy

So In this article, I am talking about 5 best websites to download free ebooks. All the website are tested by myself. which I am going to mention in this article.

best pdf website to download - bctechy

1. Library Genesis.

Library Genesis is the best website to download any kind of books. In this website, You can find any types of books like Novels, Sci-fi, Technology, Comics. There are 52million books are available. In my list, This is the only one website. who you can find on Wikipedia. If you live in India you have to open this website through Wikipedia.Trust me this website is amazing for download e-books.

2. Free- ebooks.

Compare to library Genesis this website is easy to download any types of books. This website is divided into different categories like drama, story, sci-fi, career, computer science, Management, history, physical education etc. In Free-ebooks website you have to choose your ebook and click to download this website is easy for downloading

3. Free Techbooks.

FREE TECHBOOKS As the name implemented of the website. This website is only for the computer science student and who want to learn to program. The website only provides computers books or programming books. It is the best website for IT students.

4. online programming books.

Online programming books is another website like free techbooks. But this website provides you only programming books. In short this website for only for who want to be a programmer or who want programming books.

5.Pdf drive.

PDFDRIVE This website Interface is very easy to understand and In this webiste you can find any types of books. This website provides you the motivational books, sports books, educational books, sci-fi, drama, story, In short this website is same as Library Genesis .

Watch Video for more details.

Final Words.

There are more website are available on the internet if u want I make another article for pdf websites.

tell me in the comment section. Till then bye bye. keep smiling



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