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Top 5 Cool Whatsapp Tricks That Everyone Should Know

Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to bctechy.com. In this article, You will learn about Top 5 Cool Whatsapp tricks that everyone should know. There is more article about WhatsApp on this site you can also check. keeping everything aside. In this article, You will learn about 5 WhatsApp cool tricks that everyone should know and also this article will help you to WhatsApp tips to make it more useful.

So Let’s Begin.

Top 5 Cool Whatsapp Tricks.

cool whatsapp trick

So there are top 5 cool WhatsApp apps that everyone should know.

1.Upload DP Without Cropping.

set dp without cropping

Most of the pictures taken with camera and the main problem is that you can set only square resolution photo to set up your WhatsApp DP. you can check my previous article which I talked about only How to set your WhatsApp & Instagram DP without cropping.

2.Disable Blue Ticks.

disable blue ticks on whatsapp

As you know blue ticks is a great feature of WhatsApp. With Blue ticks, you know that the message was read or not. by clicking that particular WhatsApp message you and then click on info button in the top right side and you will know all information about that particular WhatsApp message. Even this is a great feature of WhatsApp but many people don’t like this. you can easily avoid blue ticks. So all you have to do update your WhatsApp to currently update

To Disable Blue Ticks On WhatsApp.

  • make sure your WhatsApp update
  • Go to   settings
  • Click On accounts
  • Now click on Privacy setting
  • And now uncheck read recipient.

3.Set Contact’s Display Picture Using WhatsApp.

conact photo sync - bctechy.com

I am sure you want to see display picture appearing on your phone. when you making or receiving the call. If you do manually setting up display picture for all contact it takes a lot of work. there is a way you can import display picture from your WhatsApp contact and set them as contact picture.

Follow the steps to set contact’s display picture using WhatsApp.

  • Download the contact photo sync app from play store.
  • Open the app
  • click on sync photo
  • Done

4.Two Steps Verification on WhatsApp.

two steps verification in whatsapp

Whenever you open WhatsApp setting. you see there option name two steps verification. why we need two steps verification and what is the use..? So let me explain.

Two steps verification helps to protect your conversation. someone who has access to your device even for a few seconds could easily do that he can easily read your conversation to protect your conversation. you have to set a pin. whenever someone tries to access your WhatsApp account that person need pin to access your conversation. With the help of Two-Step Verification will stop that from happening.

5. Use Multiple Whatsapp  Accounts.

multiple accounts in android

most people think to use multiple WhatsApp accounts in one Android device. you might also want to use different WhatsApp account for personal or business and some others purposes. there an article on my website which I already discussed how to use multi WhatsApp account (10 WhatsApp account in one Android)

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Final Words.

There is more article like this you can also check them. I think this knowledge very informative for you. This is my Top 5 cool WhatsApp tricks. and tell me your WhatsApp tricks in the comment section. For more tips & tricks check my other articles. Till then bye bye and keep smiling.


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