Top 5 Google Chrome Browser Tips To Run Faster

chrome faster tips

Top 5 tips to run google chrome faster

chrome browser tips

Google Chrome is used worldwide on smartphones and computers. Google Chrome browser was launched as a web browser but now it supports many features along with plugins, extensions, apps, etc. At the same time, Google Chrome’s own store is also available, where on the one hand it has been much improved before but users are facing many problems in Chrome. For example, the Chrome add-on not only slows down the laptop at the same time eliminate the laptop’s batteries very soon. If seen the user base of Chrome is quite large, but in the market, competitions like Opera and Microsoft Edge are eager to improve themselves. This way, today we are going to tell you about the methods related to chrome which will help users save battery and slow them down. So here are top 5 google chrome browser tips.

Top 5 chrome browser tips

1.Turn-off from background

If you want to turn off all tabs and chrome but keep working in the background, it is mostly done with Windows PC, it eliminates laptop or computer battery very quickly. To completely stop Google Chrome, Right-click the Google Chrome icon in the system tray. After this, click to ignore that Google Chrome will run in the background, and click exit. After this, whenever you close Google Chrome, it will not work in the background and will be completely closed.

2.Disable unused extension and apps

We download apps and extensions on all chrome, so many tasks are easily done. There are also some plugins that work in taking screenshots. So some web pages are used to save offline. However, these extensions are not used daily, but this has an effect on battery life. for saving the laptop battery. you have to uninstall the extension and the useless apps. you need to type chrome: // extensions on the address bar of Chrome. Now that page will open, you will see a list of installed apps and extensions in your Chrome. From here you can uninstall or even disable them.

3.Close Useless tabs

By and large, clients keep numerous tabs open in the meantime. This page, which works out of sight, utilizes assets as well as channels the battery. to spare your tablet battery, you need to abstain from slipping your portable workstation and depleting the battery kill the pointless or unused tabs.

4.Stop Flash animation

Advertisers are moving towards HTML5 except for Flash Ads However, many people are still using Flash for advertising, which slows down a laptop or computer. Especially when many tabs are open together in the background. To turn off Flash ads, type chrome: // settings / on the Chrome and press enter. After this, after going to Show Advanced Settings, click on Content Settings. Now click on Flash. Three options are allowed here, block sites running flash and ask before allowing sites to run flash. For this, you have to click on ask before allowing sites to run flash.

5.Up-to-date your chrome browser

Always keep the Chrome browser updated to work properly on laptops and PCs. For this, you have to type chrome: // help/typing on Chrome. After this here you can check the update.

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