How To Use Google Maps Offline iOS And Android

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How To Use Google Maps Offline

Without a doubt, Google Maps is one of the most popular and Best navigation apps services. but there is one problem with google maps. One of the main complaints of google maps is that it works best with a reliable and strong data connection, but there is also one problem if your data were gone or you go outside the city google maps will not work. because Google maps need a strong data connection to give you best navigation service.Google maps give you a good solution to this problem. Thankfully, you can use Google Maps can be used the offline feature, but this great feature is one of the best features of Google maps. The moment your phone disconnect to the internet. Google Maps start showing you try again. That is unless you’ve saved your maps for offline access. However after reading today’s article “How to use Google map offline,” you can store large map areas for guidance, even when you’re stuck without the reception.

Easy Task

The procedure is identical on the two iOS and Android. Before we jump into the procedure, pause for a minute to visit the App Store on your iOS gadget, or the Play store on your Android gadget and check for any accessible updates for Google Maps. The strategies specified in this article deals with the refreshed variants of Google Map.


You must Have the latest version of Google maps on both ios and android device to get google maps service

How to use google maps Offline feature

All you have to do open google maps and search area. which area you have to go. set the navigation and download the map by clicking an option where written download the map for offline. click ok and google map starting to save that particular navigation and make sure before going anywhere you must download the google map offline feature in while ios and android both connect with the strong internet connection. without downloading, you can’t access or unable to use google maps offline feature.

Must Know about google maps offline feature

Remember that before saving any maps. Offline google maps just stay on your gadget for 30 days. This is for the most part in light of the fact that the world changes about day by day. Maps are dynamic and require refreshing. What happens when another road is included, or an old one is shut? Perhaps another eatery opened up around the local area. Google needs you to have a refreshed rendition of your maps when disconnected. Apparently, from that point onward, the application will cleanse a spared guide to clear up space on your gadget.

Final Words:

There are different ways accessible for disconnected maps. Some like or Apple maps, and so on that enables you to download everything without a moment’s delay, while others offer city, state and nation downloads. On the off chance that you are a seeker or investigating territories off the network, these maps might be a superior choice. The expectation that you like perusing “How to utilize Google outline.” However, for most travel and visitor needs, Google Maps makes an incredible showing with regards to of demonstrating to you what is around you, to what extent it will take you to arrive and now, you can even utilize these maps in case you’re tapped out on information or simply have a moderate association.

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