How To Unroot Your Android Device Without PC.


How To Unroot Your Android device In Few Minutes.

Hey guys welcome back. in this post, I will tell you how you can unroot your android device. As you know in the previous post.We discussed what is root or what its disadvantages or advantages and why you need or not. So in this post. I will tell you how you can root your android device without PC/LAPTOP. As I mention in my previous post root have disadvantage and advantage. if u don’t know what is rooting. You can check my previous article. How To root your android phone without pc or laptop.root and ubroot

There are two ways to Unroot your Android device.

There are two ways to unroot your android device. With this two ways, you can unroot your any android device. These Ways are Work 100%. Don’t worry about anything just follow the steps and you can unroot your device in safe and easy. This two ways which I am going to mention in my post and this two ways which I tested myself and both ways work for me.

1.) How to Manually Unroot Your Android device.

  • First Download the es file explorer From google play store.
  • Install and open it.
  • Find system option in upper side Or press /system/bin/.
  • Delete the SU file.
  • After deleting the SU file. now go back in /system and tap a folder on xbin OR simply press /system/xbin.
  • Delete the SU file here as well. (keep in mind Delete SU file.)
  • Find system folder and click on app folder.
  • And find the superuser.apk.
  • And delete the superuser.apk and restart your phone.
  • BOOM..! Your Android device is Unroot.

2.) How To Unroot Using Super OR Kingroot.

  • Open the super SU or kingroot app
  • Find and click the setting option
  • And click on cleanup and then click on full unroot in super SU app and in kingroot app click on unistall kingroot
  • Now restart your android device.
  • BOOM…! Your Android device is unrooted.

How To Unroot Your Android device (kingroot).

Final Words:

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope this post is informative for you if u have any problem or Queries just leave a comment I will definitely reply in 2 to 3 hr. Don’t forget to share. Till the bye bye and always smile.


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